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Chinese Dragon Lamp on Light Pole

When I saw my first photo of a dragon climbing up a street light pole, I knew I wanted to make one out of beads. I enjoyed researching out the different myths of the dragons and found that the Chinese dragon is a friendly spirit that brings good luck and good fortune.

My dragon has four toes depicting the nobles. Other dragons have three toes for the ministers and the royal dragon with five toes. One claw is holding a pearl symbolizing a good harvest, wealth and good fortune.

I enjoyed the research of the symbolism of each color. I choose to make a blue dragon as a symbol of the promise of new beginnings that spring represents. The touch of green on the dragon represents good fortune, good health and luck. The red represents fire, passion, activity and good fortune.

The pear blossoms promises longevity and good fortune. The 8 lotus flowers around the base bring purity of the heart and spirit, tranquility, long life, humility, honor and good fortune.



Chinese Dragon Face

Beaded Chinese Dragon

Beaded Chinese Dragon Base

The flowers are carved out of alabaster from Idaho near the Utah boarder. The leaves and lotus flowers are made out of soapstone from Montana. The double brass wires winding up the pole are used to turn the light on with just a touch and has three settings to change the mood of the light shining through the beaded lamp shade made with the lotus flower in mind.

The base sits on 5 round brass feet to lift the piece off the table. From the top of the beaded lamp shade to the base measures 33 inches high and about 10 inches across.

Chinese Dragon Lampshade

Chinese Dragon Lamp Fully Lit

Beaded Chinese Dragon Rear View

Created in 2014


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