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Angel Reef

In this piece, three colorful beaded angelfish seemingly swim around a beaded blood red coral plant. At the coral plant's base, a yellow beaded starfish seemingly is resting on an old seabed rock. This seabed rock was found high on land, in what is now called Arizona. This piece measures 20 inches high and is 19 inches across.

The Beaded Angelfish all sport different colors. The bottom most fish is beaded in light blue with dark blue stripes. The middle most fish, is beaded in rose colored reds with red and black stripes, which cascade to a pale pink underbelly. The top most fish is beaded in a soft iridescent yellow that has a rose tinge, with stripes of orange and black that graduate to soft yellow colors towards the underbelly. Each angelfish's mouth is beaded in white surrounded with black for added realism.

The bright yellow beaded body of the starfish, is detailed with bright red beads, which are encircled in shades of orange to make up the spots, which decorate each of the starfish's legs. The underside of each leg of the starfish are beaded in a soft pale yellow.

The Angelfish and Starfish are beaded over hard polymer bodies and the Coral is beaded using a beads on wire technique, which are wrapped around sturdy rods to make the coral's flowing form.

The Arizona sea bed rock has small crystals inside its veins and is amazing to look at by its self, adding interest and texture to this piece.

Angel Reef

Created in 2006


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