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A Beaded Bouquet of Daisy Flowers

Five different daisy varieties are planted in a Raku pot, which is cradled in a wrought iron stand designed by the artist. On each of the four legs of the stand, there are metal-formed daisies and leaves that are painted to match the piece's theme. The largest beaded sunset style daisies, measure 4 inches across, and have real copper beads for the centers. The next largest daises are beaded in white pearl beads with dark green metallic centers. These flowers measure 2 ½ inches across. The third set of beaded daises are in white pearl beads, with yellow bead centers, measuring 2 ½ inches across. The last largest daisy set has orange outer linings for each of the petals, which are cupped around a white brown center. These flowers measure 2 ¼ inches across. The four large daisy sets each have six blooms. The smallest beaded daisy set measures ¾ inches across each flower, which cascade down the side of the Raku planter. The bouquet is permanently planted in the planter with a finishing layer of unique sand, of granular size, naturally polished rubies, from Ruby Lake, Montana.

Daisy Flowers

Created in 2003


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