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Miniature Orchids

Below are examples of beaded miniature orchid flowers and plants that Carla has made. They make a wonderful and undying addition to brighten any wall in any room in your home or office all year around.
The cultivation of orchids started in England in 19th century. During world voyages by Europeans, many new exotic plants were discovered and brought back to home countries where they were displayed in the homes of the wealthy or nobility. Orchids were brought to Europe by companies or individuals who had financed collecting expeditions. Commissioned professional collectors would travel for months, all over the world in search of rare new species. These expensive expeditions were often shrouded in secrecy and it was not unusual for collectors to spread misleading information about the locations where new orchids were found. Miniature Phalaenopsis
Beaded Flowers - Miniature Phalaenopsis
Miniature Lady Slippers
Beaded Flowers - Miniature Lady Slippers
Miniature Miltoniopsis 
Beaded Flowers - Miniature Miltoniopsis
Miniature Cattleya
Beaded Flowers - Miniature Cattleya
Miniature Cymbidium
Beaded Flowers - Miniature Cymbidium
Brassavola Cucullata
Beaded Flowers - Brassavola Cucullata
Calypso Bulbosa
Beaded Flowers - Calypso Bulbosa
The art of beaded flowers began around the 15th century, in the courts of the European aristocracy. Peasants would gather and save discarded beads and wire from dressmakers. They would then use the beads and wire to make flowers for beaded floral arrangements. These arrangements were then sold as altar sprays for churches, bridal bouquets, and burial wreaths for the wealthy. Bouquets of this era still exist in castles and homes today.
Psygmorchis Titana
Beaded Flowers - Psygmorchis Titana
Miniature Lady Slipper
Beaded Flowers - Miniature Lady Slipper
Brassavola Verraeosa
Beaded Flowers - Brassavola Verraeosa

Carved Emu egg with Miniature Orchids

Carved Emu egg with Miniature Orchids


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