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Below are examples of beaded plants that Carla has made. They make a wonderful and undying addition to brighten any room in your home or office all year around.
Potted houseplants have been a documented part of human existence since the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs.  During world voyages by Europeans, many new exotic plants were discovered and brought back to home countries where they were displayed in the homes of the wealthy or nobility. Cacti in Bloom
Beaded Flowers - Cacti in Bloom
Pineapple Cactus
Beaded Flowers - Pineapple Cactus
Calla Lilies
Beaded Flowers - Calla Lilies
The Victorians attempted to bring their favourite plants indoors to try to keep their beauty year round. Until well into the 19th century, the average American home was too dark and cold to support plant life.The Civil War era in North America saw parlours adorned with beautiful green plants. It was not until glass windows and heated rooms became more prevalent that houseplants could be grown to any degree. African Violets
Beaded Flowers - African Violets
Bonsai Tree
Beaded Flowers - Bonsai Tree
Fuchsia in Leaf Carved Container
Beaded Flowers - Fuchsia in Leaf Carved Container
Lily of the Valley
Beaded Flowers - Lily of the Valley
Beaded Flowers - Crocus
Fritillaria Pudica
Beaded Flowers - Fritillaria Pudica
Beaded Flowers - Springtime
The art of beaded flowers began around the 15th century, in the courts of the European aristocracy. Peasants would gather and save discarded beads and wire from dressmakers. They would then use the beads and wire to make flowers for beaded floral arrangements. These arrangements were then sold as altar sprays for churches, bridal bouquets, and burial wreaths for the wealthy. Bouquets of this era still exist in castles and homes today. Viola Adunca
Beaded Flowers - Viola Adunca
Viola Adunca
Beaded Flowers - Viola Adunca
Purple and Red Clematis
Beaded Flowers - Purple and Red Clematis
Checkered Lilies
Beaded Flowers - Checkered Lilies
Bonsai Maple in Springtime
Beaded Flowers - Bonsai Maple in Springtime
Buddhist Bauhinia Orchid Bonsai
Beaded Flowers - Buddhist Bauhinia Orchid Bonsai
Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree
Beaded Flowers - Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree
Voila Pansies
Beaded Flowers - Voila Pansies

Agave - Tequila Sunrise

Beaded Flowers - Agave - Tequila Sunrise

Dionaea, the Venus Flytrap

Beaded Flowers - Dionaea, the Venus Flytrap

Qualup Bell Bush Lamp

Qualup plant

Floating Water Lily

finished Water lily

Cephalocersus Senilis 

 Hairy cacti family

Aechmea Fasciata Bromeliad 

Aechmea Fasciata

Mini Painted Daisy and Wild Roses

Mini painted daisy and wild roses

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia Pitcher plant


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