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Agave - Tequila Sunrise

The Agave or Century Plant is a beautiful and well known desert flowering succulent, which sends out tall spikes of colorful flowers just before it dies. This piece is a smaller version of an Agave in full bloom, which will never die or fade away with time. This beaded floral piece measures 32 inches tall and is 17 inches wide.

The flowers are shaded from a dark red at the bottom, graduating into the bright yellow of the stamens that rise out of the full blooms. The immature top buds are made from two colors of red with a hint of yellow on the larger buds.

The succulent rosette leaves are a mixture of different desert greens, giving the piece a unique wilderness texture. The piece is planted in a cream and turquoise Raku pot and saucer combination.

Agave - Tequila Sunrise

Created in 2006


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