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Qualup Bell Bush Lamp

The researching of the Pimelea Physodes was almost as much fun as making it. I loved the shading of each flower as it aged and felt it would be exciting to make it in beads. After finding the Qualup bell I took a walk about around Western Australia and was amazed at the natural beauty and history of this area of the continent.

To make the wooden pot, I cut 2 by ½ inch boards into angled little pieces and glued them into rings and then glued them on top of each other to make the size and shape I wanted for the pot. I carved and sanded the outside of the pot into the round sides for the finished piece. While on my walk about I was intrigued with the different landmarks, pictographs, animals, insects and national symbols of the area where the Qualup bell grows wild. The four land makers are Ayer’s or Uluru Rock, McIntyre Knoll, Purnululu National Park and Nadji cave pillara. I have four carvings depicting the pictographs from the area that moved my imagination and I hope shows no disrespect for the indigenous population. I choose Austracantha minax, Latrodectus hasselti, Argiope picta and Anametepperi for the arachnids because of their shape and coloring. With three marsupials, Koala, Numbat and Kangaroo and the Skink lizard from the area along with two emblems of the government of western Australia finishing the design craved into the pot.

The light is designed to show up from the inside of the pot into the bush of Qualup bells with the brass wire imbedded in the top ring as the switch to turn on the three levels of light.

Qualup Bell Beaded Plant



Created in 2011



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