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Lorikeet on Waratah Flowers

A beautiful full sized beaded Lorikeet appears to land atop of one of the three beaded Waratah flowers which are depicted in full bloom. Each flower measures 5 ½ inches high and is lit up from within using a touch control that has three settings to control the soft glow from the multi-colored red beads that make up each flower. Hidden touch switches are set into each of the eyes of rainbow serpents which are carved into the wooden boomerang stand. The paintings on the boomerang were inspired from the myths and art of the Aboriginal people from the Australian continent. This piece measures 38 inches in height, as measured from boomerang base to the top tip of the Lorikeet's upper wing and 28 inches wide. Each arm of the boomerang is 18 inches long.

Lorikeet on Waratah Flowers

Created in 2008


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