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Wall Hangings

Below are examples of beaded cut flowers fashioned as wall hangings that Carla has made. They make a wonderful and undying addition to brighten any wall in any room in your home or office all year around.
The act of cutting flowers and using them for symbolic or religious purposes dates back 5,000 years to ancient Egypt. The Chinese also cut and arranged flowers based on religious and cultural meaning. Hibiscus Wall Hanging With Hummingbird
Beaded Flowers - Hibiscus Wall Hanging With Hummingbird
Red Hibiscus Wall Hanging
Beaded Flowers - Red Hibiscus Wall Hanging
Apple Tree Branches
Beaded Flowers - Apple Tree Branches
The art of beaded flowers began around the 15th century, in the courts of the European aristocracy. Peasants would gather and save discarded beads and wire from dressmakers. They would then use the beads and wire to make flowers for beaded floral arrangements. These arrangements were then sold as altar sprays for churches, bridal bouquets, and burial wreaths for the wealthy. Bouquets of this era still exist in castles and homes today. Foxglove Gargoyle
Beaded Flowers - Foxglove Gargoyle
Red Hollyhock Stalk
Beaded Flowers - Red Hollyhock Stalk
Sweet Peas on Wood
Beaded Flowers - Sweet Peas on Wood
Grape Clusters
Beaded Flowers - Grape Clusters

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