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Floating Water Lily

Looking at an old taxonomy drawing of a Nymphaea Alba. I was inspired to make a floating lily without the water. The top layer is formed with the three full lilies flowers, four leaves with one just starting to unfold, two buds just starting to break the surface and nine flowering water lettuce plants (Pistia stratiotes) suspended at a level where the water would have been. Swimming among the roots of the water lettuce are both female and male Zebra (Danio rerio) fish. Four are hiding among the water lettuce roots and two are swimming among the stems of the lilies. A new bud and leaf are starting the journey up to the surface. There are three snails crawling on the rock near the root of the lilies. The hand-sculptured rhizome with exposed roots rests on a wooden base carved to simulate the ripples of the bottom of the pond.
finished Water lily

water lily full flower 1

water lily leaf lg.1

Water Lily Base




Created in 2013


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