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Bonsai Maple in Springtime

Through a hint of springtime color in its beaded leaf buds, this ancient and scarred Bonsai Maple tree shows the promise of new life during the change of seasons. The tiny leaf buds allows one to enjoy the antiquity and story in the trunk of this beaded bonsai tree, before the mature leaves arrive in their full glory. This piece stands 21 inches tall and the branches measure 15 inches across. The trunk is craved out of clay and the beaded leaf buds are the color of springtime corral to round the visual effect of this piece. The tree is planted in a pot that was thrown on the potter's wheel. The pot, which has a hint of simulated patina and oxidized copper, has lotus plants and leaves carved into the sides. The soil in this planter is unique sand of granular size, from Ruby Lake, Montana and larger polished stone's are planted around the base of the tree.

Bonsai Maple in Springtime

Created in 2004


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