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Brook Trout

As with all great fish landed and mounted, this large beaded trout has a tale to go with it. It took Carla 11 years to finish this beaded Brook Trout. She started the project in 1995, when only about 6 inches of the tail section was colored in with beads. Other beaded projects of Carla's took precedence, and this project was placed into a shoe box and was almost forgotten. Around Christmas of 2005, Carla had finished her beading project set for the year, and had a few days to venture into other projects before the 2006 New Year's celebration. She stumbled on this unfinished project and pulled it out to start working on it again; placing the beads around the 9½ inch around and 16-inch long taxidermist fish body, two at a time, slowly weaving them into place. She finished the piece the last part of January 2006, and she is now waiting for the 2006 winter weather to clear, so that she can find the right piece of driftwood or other mounting surface to finish this beautiful Brook Trout representation in beads. The completed Trout measurements 16 inches long by 5 inches tall.

Brook Trout


Created in 2006


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